How We Generate Sales Opportunities
Why Work with MRDEU Global Media?

When B2B companies reach out to us they've usually hit a wall when it comes to generating more sales opportunities on LinkedIn-limiting their growth.   
MRDEU Global has developed a proprietary solution to break through this wall so companies can generate sales opportunities consistently and grow their companies. 

Here’s a high-level view of our process to generate consistent sales opportunities for B2B companies on LinkedIn. 

Prior to managing a B2B companies marketing campaign on LinkedIn we take the following steps:  

1. Targeting – In Step 1, we walk our clients through a simple proven process to get crystal clear with who their target is, a problem they want solved,                                and positioning their solution as the cure.  

2. Messaging – In Step 2, we craft irresistible messaging designed to resonate with your prospect in an authentic way, with the information gathered in                                Step 1.  

3. Optimization – In Step 3, we optimize a clients LinkedIn profile to maximize organic traffic and achieve an All-Star rating.  

4. Automation – In Step 4, we show our clients how to properly engage with prospects to create consistent sales opportunities within the LinkedIn                                           platform.  

5. Follow Up – In Step 5, we review existing email nurturing campaigns to ensure messaging is in alignment with the campaign-offering real value to                                   prospects.  

*Note: Our process is in compliance with the LinkedIn User Agreement and followed strictly.  

If you’re a B2B company offering a proven solution saving your clients time and/or money but need help generating more sales opportunities on LinkedIn, schedule a Free LI profile assessment ($497 Value) here. 
David Ubeda is the CEO of MRDEU Global Media, a B2B digital marketing services & coaching agency helping B2B companies generate sales appointments consistently with LinkedIn & email, in five countries.   Learn more

David is the author of, “Don’t Give Up! 5 Keys To Help You Through Life’s Holding Patterns.” His next book, Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs, 52 Proven Strategies To Make-Manage-Multiply Your Revenue and Impact In the World, due for release in 2020.

David has been a featured guest on nationally syndicated radio, The Profits Over Wages Podcast, The Liz Show, TBN, WGN, CLTV, PBS, The Strausburg Report, N’Digo Magazine and more. Learn more.

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David is the Host of the popular Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs podcast which is heard in in the United States, France, Sweden, U.K., Netherlands and Australia. Learn more
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