Hey! I'm David. I help small business owners attract more clients and increase your impact in the world with customized digital marketing tools. 
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to first generation Latino’s, David serves the world in two ways.

First, as a loss mitigation executive with the nations #1 loss mitigation firm in the U.S, Premier Capital Solutions, homeowners facing foreclosure are given a fresh start.  

Second, as a small business coach & digital marketing expert, David helps small businesses attract clients consistently with customized digital marketing solutions.  

David is a nationally featured author, speaker & small business coach and has been has been a featured guest on nationally syndicated radio and television programs like TBN, WGN, CLTV, The Strausburg Report, N’Digo Magazine and more. David’s inspiring story and unique approach to discovering new levels of purpose and performance has inspired thousands to achieve the same. 
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